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'T' Boards

Our estate agent ‘T’ boards are manufactured from two pieces of specially made 4mm heavy weight 850gsm correx panels which are heat welded together. Pre-drilled to suit your posts and slips, our T-boards are delivered ready for erection.

Heat welded together

850gsm Correx


matthews T Board.jpg

'Flag' Boards

Our estate agent Flag boards are manufactured from specially made 6mm heavy weight

1500 gsm correx panels.

Pre-drilled to suit your posts & slips, our Flag boards are delivered ready for erection.

1500gsm Correx


'Swing' Boards

Our estate agent Swing boards are manufactured from specially made 6mm heavy weight 1500 gsm correx and are pre-drilled to suit your slips. They come complete with metal eyelets as standard to strengthen the Swing board, which allow these boards to swing from our gallows or hangman posts.


1500gsm Correx


Swing board.jpg
shaped board 1.jpg

'Shaped' Boards

Make your estate agent board design stand out with a shaped board. Our shaped boards are cut to shape and pre-drilled to suit our estate agent posts & slips. For Shaped Boards we will have a cutting tool made specific to your design, which we then stock for future orders, which is used to punch your desired shape from the correx, and maintains a consistent cut so that all of the boards are identical.

Bespoke Shape


Mini 'V' Boards

Mini ‘V’ boards are ideal for flats, apartments and cottages where conventional estate agent boards are not able to be erected. Mini ‘V’ boards are a smart way to advertise a property.

Eye - Catching

Complete with Window Suckers

Mini V board.jpg
window board1.jpg

Window Boards

Ideal for flats and apartments where estate agent boards cannot be erected externally, window boards are a smart alternative. Window boards are produced from mesh banner or correx and completed with suction pads. Mesh banner window boards allow light to pass through whilst being clearly readable from outside the property.

Complete with Window Suckers

Mesh or Correx


Designed and pre-drilled to suit your estate agency signs, our slips come printed on either one or both sides.

Eye - Catching

Various sizes to suit your board


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